Our Hive

Our Hive


The Hive


Our mission at The Hive Salon is to utilize our craft to enrich one’s internal beauty,
by shining light on their external beauty.


At our core we…

Believe in collaboration over competition
There’s room at the top for everyone.
Foster self-love through community outreach
Gotta love yourself before you can love someone else
Promise to provide a safe space for people to be themselves,
All are welcome here
Encourage exploration and self-growth
There is always more to learn
Vow to give you not only our eyes, but also our ears
We want you to look good and feel good

What’s in a name?

You know it, we love it, the iconic “beehive” that has been reinventing itself and teasing trendsetters since it was first backcombed into existence in the 60s by the famed hairdresser, Margaret Vinci Heldt. From Bridgette Bardot to Audrey Hepburn, to Amy Winehouse, to even Marge Simpson, it’s not hard to see why it has become the most identifiable hairstyle across generations.

Beyond being the epitome of classic American hairdressing, the beehive represents so much more. A symbol of community, teamwork, and empowerment. St Petersburg is a community-based town of movers and shakers, makers and creators. We love being a part of all the worker bees that make St Petersburg the sweet spot it is.